Views from the Longbox Episode 171: Superman From the ’30s to the ’80s Part 2

Superman at 75 Background AEpisode 171: Superman From The ’30s to the ’80s Part 2

Michael Bailey’s Superman at 75: The Celebration of a Legend continues as does the coverage of Superman: From The ’30s To The ’80s, a hardcover collection of Superman comics that came out in 1983.   In this installment we wrap up our look at this amazing collection of Superman stories by moving into the fifties, sixties and seventies.  The first appearances of Brainiac and Supergirl are discussed as is the Silver Age origin of Lex Luthor and the confrontation he and Superman had under a red sun.  Things move into the Bronze Age with an out of control Superman tearing up the joint (briefly) followed by Superman getting swept into the future where he is informed that he is dead, dead, dead.  Between all of that you have other assorted Superman talk and a few fun tangents in the mighty Views manner.

But the merriment doesn’t end with this episode.  Stay tuned for episode 89 of Superman in the Bronze Age and listen to Michael and I talk about the last two comics from this collection in depth.  The Miraculous Return of Jonathan Kent gets the full on synopsis and notes treatment, so look for it to pop up on or around December 4th, 2013.

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