Episode 89 — The Miraculous Return of Jonathan Kent

Episode 89In a reality in which Jonathan and Martha Kent died shortly after Clark graduated high school, Jonathan Kent showing up in Metropolis years later makes for a great mystery. And who better to help me solve this mystery than Michael Bailey, host of Views From the LongboxFrom Crisis to Crisis, and many other internet radio programs. And, in Superboy in the Bronze Age, the young man of steel suffers yet another loss.

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One thought on “Episode 89 — The Miraculous Return of Jonathan Kent

  1. Hello Charles! Great episode as always. It’s always nice to hear a Michael Bailey team-up show, and you didn’t disappoint. I told the following story on a podcast and I hope it wasn’t yours’ so that I’m not repeating a story you’ve heard me tell. Most of you podcasters can talk about comics you have or had and tell stories about them. (where you got it..how it made you feel..what the weather was like that day..etc) Well, Action Comics #507 is about the only comic book I can do that with. I remember the circumstances clearly. (and the weather was nice and warm) I was in the 6th Grade and our School Patrol walked all around downtown Clarksburg trying to make money for our Patrol’s annual trip to Washington DC. We had our little coin boxes and tags to give to town patrons who donated to the cause. I don’t know if you remember or have ever heard of G.C. Murphys? (It was a Five & Dime store.) Before I went home, I stopped in Murphys and saw Action 507 and bought it. The cover intrigued me and I wanted to see what the story was about. Since that day, it has been one of my favorite comic story arcs. I’m glad you and Mike chose to talk about 507 and 508. **Other things to talk about–I sort of remember buying The Untold Legend Of Batman series. I can’t remember where I bought it, but I remember enjoying the heck out of it. I don’t have the issues re-collected yet, but I have the audio tapes and the black and white paperback book. Melendy Britt voiced Batgirl for the New Adventures of Batman cartoon. (she also voiced Catwoman for that series and She-Ra) I also enjoyed David’s portion of the show. I sure hope he didn’t hear you say that you weren’t up on your Legion. Although I am sorry to see his Superboy stories going away, I loves me some DC Comics Presents. Looking forward to his coverage. Guess that’s all I have for now. Keep up the great work. Don’t let it get in the way of you and your family having a wonderful holiday season!

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