Views from the Longbox Episode 170: Superman From the ’30s to the ’80s Part 1

Superman at 75 Background AEpisode 170: Superman From The ’30s To The ’80s Part 1

Michael Bailey continues Superman at 75: The Celebration of a Legend by inviting me to join him for a 2-part series looking at Superman: From The ’30s To The ’80s, a hardcover collection of Superman comics that came out in 1983.  It’s not only an amazing book with stories that hit a lot of the major beats of the Man of Steel’s history up until that time period, but it was also my introduction to the comic book adventures of the Man of Steel.  Along the way we discover what liars the people that typed up the table of contents were and unlock a mystery absolutely no one with the possible exception of Jon M. Wilson (who hosts Golden Age Superman, which should be self-explanatory when it comes to subject matter) or Michael Bradley (host of The Thrilling Adventures of Superman, another Golden Age show) would care about.  There’s even a Newsies reference because…Michael.

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