Episode 88 — The Dying Day of Lois and Lana

Episode 88In Episode 88, we find out if Superman is able to save Lois and Lana, and Lex Luthor shows just how evil he can be. Plus, Superboy makes a new friend at Metropolis University in Issue 2 of Superman: The Secret Years.

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One thought on “Episode 88 — The Dying Day of Lois and Lana

  1. Episode 88 — The Dying Day of Lois and Lana

    Hi, Bud! Great and Awesome episode as usual. Not much to say about it since I said it all last email. I enjoyed it. I always liked the Bruce “Superman” Wayne back-up. Just wish it had lasted more than 3 stories. In Legion Of Super-Heroes #279, Reflecto is revealed to be….Superboy!! I whole-heartedly love the change to Mr. Weter’s portion of the show. I have always loved DC Comics Presents and currently have 58 issues and all four of the Annuals in my collection. So hopefully I can follow along with the issues he discusses. Can’t wait to hear you on Views From The Long Box. I know you’ll do great. Guess that’s all for now. Thanks for keeping me entertained at work!

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