DC Comics Presents Show Episode 79: Superman and Clark Kent

This episode features me as the guest host. Regular host Russell Bragg asked for volunteers to do an episode of his show, and I jumped at the chance to dip my toe back in the podcast pool. In this episode, I go through all of the regular DC Comics Presents Show’s segments. First, I have a Comic Brag to talk about. Then you will hear a Spotlight on Superman‘s Guest, Clark Kent. Next, I cover the subject of the episode, DC Comic Presents #79. Finally, I close out the show with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

I would just like to thank Russell for allowing me to do this episode. It really allowed me to flex my podcast muscles, and I enjoyed doing it. You can check out his other episode at braggaboutcomics.com

Superman & Batman Episode 20 — The Menace of the Moonman!

Welcome to episode 17 of SUPERMAN & BATMAN, featuring your two favorite heroes in one podcast together!

The show’s premise is simple: Each episode, host Michael Bradley celebrates seven decades of the World’s Finest heroes by looking at stories featuring the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, chosen at random mostly from the pages of World’s Finest Comics.

This episode: “The Menace of the Moonman!”

GUEST HOST: Charlie Niemeyer of the Superman in the Bronze Age!

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION: World’s Finest Comics #98 (cover date December 1958)

WHAT TO EXPECT: Superman and Batman get Mooned!

ALSO FEATURING: Poor detective skills, Robin and mysteriously disappearing horses!

PLUS: A rundown of the book’s other contents, a look at what else was on the stands plus … reenactments!

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Back to the Bins #146 – MTU & The Ring of Fire

Disenfranchised by the modern comics industry, Paul Spataro and Dr. Bill Robinson are joined by Charlie Niemeyer to ply the timestream in a never-ending quest to re-discover and re-connect with that unique brand of fun and excitement that can only truly be found in good ol’ fashioned randomly-selected Comic Book back issues!! Journey with them now…back…Back To The Bins!!

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Views from the Longbox Episode 171: Superman From the ’30s to the ’80s Part 2

Superman at 75 Background AEpisode 171: Superman From The ’30s to the ’80s Part 2

Michael Bailey’s Superman at 75: The Celebration of a Legend continues as does the coverage of Superman: From The ’30s To The ’80s, a hardcover collection of Superman comics that came out in 1983.   In this installment we wrap up our look at this amazing collection of Superman stories by moving into the fifties, sixties and seventies.  The first appearances of Brainiac and Supergirl are discussed as is the Silver Age origin of Lex Luthor and the confrontation he and Superman had under a red sun.  Things move into the Bronze Age with an out of control Superman tearing up the joint (briefly) followed by Superman getting swept into the future where he is informed that he is dead, dead, dead.  Between all of that you have other assorted Superman talk and a few fun tangents in the mighty Views manner.

But the merriment doesn’t end with this episode.  Stay tuned for episode 89 of Superman in the Bronze Age and listen to Michael and I talk about the last two comics from this collection in depth.  The Miraculous Return of Jonathan Kent gets the full on synopsis and notes treatment, so look for it to pop up on or around December 4th, 2013.

Views from the Longbox Episode 170: Superman From the ’30s to the ’80s Part 1

Superman at 75 Background AEpisode 170: Superman From The ’30s To The ’80s Part 1

Michael Bailey continues Superman at 75: The Celebration of a Legend by inviting me to join him for a 2-part series looking at Superman: From The ’30s To The ’80s, a hardcover collection of Superman comics that came out in 1983.  It’s not only an amazing book with stories that hit a lot of the major beats of the Man of Steel’s history up until that time period, but it was also my introduction to the comic book adventures of the Man of Steel.  Along the way we discover what liars the people that typed up the table of contents were and unlock a mystery absolutely no one with the possible exception of Jon M. Wilson (who hosts Golden Age Superman, which should be self-explanatory when it comes to subject matter) or Michael Bradley (host of The Thrilling Adventures of Superman, another Golden Age show) would care about.  There’s even a Newsies reference because…Michael.

Fantasticast Episode 51 — Agents Of F.O.U.R.

Yes, the episode title is a blatant piece of attention-grabbing, what with the release of the TV show.

This week, I get to join Andy in sitting around while Steve summarizes this week’s issue! And what an issue! Having been teased with Gorgon last week, we now get a full bevy of Inhumans this week. Crystal. Lockjaw. Karnak. Triton. Black Bolt. Kirby’s opened up his imagination and letting everything spill out.

Along the way, we find time to do the Ninja Rap, have a gimp on the show, and sing the Dogtanian theme. Plus, the guys make a few references to shows that I don’t get because I’m from a different countries.

Feedback can be sent to fantastic4podcast@gmail.com.  The episode can be downloaded directly here.

Fantasicast Episode 50 — The Gentleman’s Name Is… Niemeyer!

Stephen Lacey and Andrew Leyland were nice enough to invite me on for their never-to-be-reached-again-unless-they-restart-the-numbering fiftieth episode of The Fantasticast! As this episode was posted, Marvel was hosting a liveblog revealing the scope of the upcoming Inhumanity event. Two days ago, Marvel released a trade paperback collecting this issue and several others, chronicling the origins of The Inhumans. And it all begins here: Issue 44 of The Fantastic Four – The Gentlemen’s Name Is Gorgon. And as if this wasn’t enough, the title welcomes its new regular inker, the legendary Joe Sinnott.

Along the way, we discuss Jack Kirby’s influence on Bruce Timm, the best Golden Age penciller, and realise that just one corpse of Jon M Wilson in the basement isn’t really enough…

Feedback for the episode can be sent to fantastic4podcast@gmail.com. The episode can be downloaded here.

Superman Forever Radio Episode 74 – Metropolis Superman Celebration and Superman vs Wonder Woman


There aren’t many double features in Podcasting, so this is a very special episode.

Join J David Weter and his guests Charlie Niemeyer of Superman in the Bronze Age, and Billy Hogan of The Superman Fan Podcast as they hit the town of Metropolis, Illinois for the 2013 Superman Celebration.

While there, Charlie and Billy joined in a live recording of the first half of the treasury-sized Superman Vs Wonder Woman, complete with all of the excitement and distractions a live recording brings.


Justin Cataneda

Lonnie Easterling

Chris Sprouse

Dan Gorman

Superman Forever Radio is a weekly podcast that looks at Superman in all media, from across the 75 year history of the character.

J David Weter is the host, bringing his personal perspective on the character from his 30 years of fandom. The opinions expressed in the program are his own, and do not reflect the views of any other parties.

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