Superman & Batman Episode 20 — The Menace of the Moonman!

Welcome to episode 17 of SUPERMAN & BATMAN, featuring your two favorite heroes in one podcast together!

The show’s premise is simple: Each episode, host Michael Bradley celebrates seven decades of the World’s Finest heroes by looking at stories featuring the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, chosen at random mostly from the pages of World’s Finest Comics.

This episode: “The Menace of the Moonman!”

GUEST HOST: Charlie Niemeyer of the Superman in the Bronze Age!

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION: World’s Finest Comics #98 (cover date December 1958)

WHAT TO EXPECT: Superman and Batman get Mooned!

ALSO FEATURING: Poor detective skills, Robin and mysteriously disappearing horses!

PLUS: A rundown of the book’s other contents, a look at what else was on the stands plus … reenactments!

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