Episode 92 — Toyman, Bizarro, and Red Tornado!

Episode 92

Happy New Year everyone! In this episode, Charlie kicks off the final year of the show by covering Marty Pasko’s first 2 issues of Superman, featuring the return of 2 old villains. Plus, “Dave Weter Presents” a team-up between Superman and Red Tornado! That’s 3 comics in less than an hour!  And it’s free!

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One thought on “Episode 92 — Toyman, Bizarro, and Red Tornado!

  1. Hi Charlie! Sorry I fell behind. It happens to me every Christmas Season. I guess I shouldn’t listen to Christmas music or Christmas audiobooks until I have caught up on my podcast listening. I don’t think that’s going to happen though. I love Christmas and I love all of the seasonal music and books I have collected over the years. I have all 3 of the comics summarized in this episode. I hadn’t really read them thoroughly so I Thank You for getting me up to speed. You and David have me in a quandary though. I always look forward to your April Fools Day edition where you trick your listeners into thinking you always do Flash in the bronze age. Since the Flash didn’t have a Team-Up book (since Dave is doing a Superman Team-Up now instead of Superboy), I was thinking ahead to what you might decide to do. Batman had a team-up book, Marvel had a team-up book, etc. I know you guys are going to do what you’re going to do, but it just made me wonder. Maybe you’re not going to do anything different this year. Just know I’ll be listening regardless. Hope all is well with you and keep up the great work!

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