Episode 93 — Metallo, Kryptonite, and Hawkman!

Episode 93

Episode 93 of Superman in the Bronze Age is full of mysteries. Who is “The Man With the Kryptonite Heart?” What is the cause of the plague afflicting the nation’s reporters? Why is Hawkman acting so odd? Well, only 2 of those questions will be answered this time, but here’s a new mystery: Which question won’t be answered this time!

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One thought on “Episode 93 — Metallo, Kryptonite, and Hawkman!

  1. Hi Charlie (and David). Once again I have all the comics mentioned on this episode. I don’t know if that’s happened for consecutive shows before. And I Thank You for summarizing for me. I’m going to try real hard to read the comics before I listen to a show and see what you spot that I don’t. It will probably be a lot as I’m not that good at it. I guess that’s why you are a podcaster and I’m just an ordinary listener and comic reader. Just so I’m clear, will David be doing #15 or #17 of DC Comics Presents? You said one and he said the other. Come to think of it when you give the answer, it will be too late. I’ll just read both of them. Sorry to ramble. Better go for now.

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