Episode 91 — Superman’s Last Christmas

Episode 91HO! HO! HO! It’s our 4th Annual Superman in the Bronze Age Christmas episode. This time, Charlie and Dave team up to tell the story of Superman’s Last Christmas, which isn’t really his last Christmas, but you get the idea. Plus, we lay out our plans for next year, including our plans for our 100th episode. Hope you all have a happy holidays, and we’ll “see” you in 2014!

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One thought on “Episode 91 — Superman’s Last Christmas

  1. Hi! I’m better now. I didn’t mean for my comments to turn into a rant. I’ll miss your show. I have a feeling you might be back eventually. I’m sure there are plenty of Fathers who are doing podcasts these days. Anyway…Superman #369. This comic I don’t have…yet! I actually was listening to you while adding comics to my database. (I got to take alot of time off for Christmas this year…11 days to be exact) I thought I recognized the Renwald character you guys talked about in this issue. I actually have the 3 other comics that Cory Renwald appears in. (New Adventures Of Superboy #19; Superman #372 & #389. I guess I need to get this one to complete the Superman-Renwald saga. Guess I’d better let you go for now. No matter how I might have sounded, I am truly happy for you and your wife. Until next time…

    PS. I forgot to tell you that I won (or used “Buy It Now”) to get Superman #233. It’s in excellent condition. It came in a #232, #233 lot. I’ve got a long way to go before completing the “Sandman Saga”, but I’ll keep plugging away.

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