Episode 99 — Lasers, Atomic Skull, and Starman

Episode 99

After yet another delay, Charlie and Dave return with more Bronze Age Superman goodness! First up, Charlie covers the finale of the Parasite story before covering a story that not only introduces the Atomic Skull, but also features the return of another old Silver Age adversary. Then, Dave covers Superman teaming up with the alien Starman to battle Mongul.

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One thought on “Episode 99 — Lasers, Atomic Skull, and Starman

  1. Hello Charlie! Hello Dave! Well, Guys, Congratulations to you both for reaching the milestone of 100 episodes. It’s a great feat and you should both be very proud. I am going to start this email by answering or adding to some of the things Charlie was talking about last time. It may be a little weird talking about Superman taking a shower, but I do remember him taking a shower in a comic, but of course I can’t remember which issue. I remember he sticks his head out of the shower and grabs for his costume which is on a hanger. He mentions, which I always thought was cool, how he’d better hurry up and fly through the sun to dry off before he’s late for work. (I guess he ran out of towels that day) It does appear that Lana Lang was shown more consistently in Action Comics after she was revealed as Clark Kent’s Co-Anchor in Superman comics. The Earth-1 Solomon Grundy appears only two more times (according to Mike’s Amazing World); DC Comics Presents #8 and Detective Comics #523. Oscar Asherman’s first recorded appearance was in Superman #270 and showed up in 16 more issues after that. And finally, Mayor Harness doesn’t appear in too many comics either. His first was Superman #263 (which I have, by the way) I don’t think his first name was given. Correct me if I’m wrong. I can’t wait to hear what you guys have cooked up for us today. But I’m sure with the truck-load of emails you have to read first, I guess I’ll have to be patient. Guess I’d better end here for now. Thanks for keeping me entertained at work and once again CONGRATULATIONS!!

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