Episode 98 — The Absolute Power-Play of the Parasite

Episode 98Charlie flies solo this time while Dave recovers from swallowing razor wire. In the issues, Superman’s powers are amped up beyond his control, while the Parasite’s plans for the mysterious L.D.S. continue.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 98 — The Absolute Power-Play of the Parasite

  1. Hi Charlie (and Dave…you were missed last time) I am honored for you to “jokingly” name this segment after me. I’m just sorry I seem to be the one that consistently emails you. I’m sure you’ll get a truckload of email to celebrated your 100th episode next time. I wanted to Thank You for answering my question last time. I looked up the “Solomon Grundy want pants too” video on YouTube. I don’t remember it at all. It was fun to watch. I looked it up for you since you hadn’t heard it before. I don’t say it that often, but “no soap” comes from the word soap having had several slang meanings down through the years. In the US during the middle of the nineteenth century, “soap” was used to mean money. It’s first recorded about 1860, but by then was probably well established. So somebody who said “No soap!” meant something like “No, I haven’t any money” or “No, I won’t give you a loan”. The modern sense — nothing doing, not a hope, no chance — is a generalisation. Americans have kept no soap but have forgotten the sense of soap that it sprang from. I didn’t know it’s original meaning either. It’s just how I’ve heard it used. So I should have said I had no luck finding an earlier reference between Superman and Aquaterra. For the first time I was able to read along with your synopsis. I don’t think I had anything to add, but it was fun to listen that way. I always liked the cover to #320 and its’ opening splash page. I liked both stories as well as your synopses. I used to have issue #322 but not anymore and I can’t remember what happened. So I will rely on you to enlighten me today. (Thanks in advance) Guess that’s all for this time. Wow..next episode is the biggy. 100. Can’t wait to listen. (and to 99 as well) Talk to you next time!

  2. Long time listener, first time commentator…

    Just wanted to drop a line to say how much I enjoy your podcasts. I’m both an old Supermam fan, and a new one.

    I remember enjoying his adventures as a child through the Superfriends, the Richard Donner films, and those free Radio Shack comics that were distributed to elementary school kids to show us the greatness that was the Tandy computer!

    Like many, I drifted away until the Death of Superman storyline that occurred during my High School years brought me back.

    The New 52 is a somewhat bittersweet time for Superman fans, and although I still keep up, sometimes I really miss MY Superman. Your podcast keeps him alive, and reminds me all I have to do is dig through my hard fought collection* to bring him back. Thank you for that.

    *note: being a girl attempting to collect comics in the 1990’s was not always a simple task. Many a time I was run off from a comic shop by a sexist dealer who always had an opinion as to what comics a girl should or should not read. “Picking up the books for your boyfriend?” Thank Rao, things have changed, and when I go to a comic con I’m always thrilled to see young girls reading Superman.

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