Episode 96 — Metallo, Kryptonite, and Green Arrow

Episode 96

Metallo returns! Kryptonite returns! Even Green Arrow returns! Download it already!

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One thought on “Episode 96 — Metallo, Kryptonite, and Green Arrow

  1. Hello Charlie (and David..can I call him Dave on this show or just on Dave’s Daredevil Podcast?) Closer and closer we come to Episode 100. I remember the cover to Superman #317 very well. Wish I had it in my current collection. In due time I suppose. To catch you up on my collection, by the time you read this I will have a straight run of Superman from #371 to #423. Thought of a question for you. I think we’ve determined on this show that the Bronze Age for the Superman comic started with #233. Which Action Comics issue would coincide with the Bronze Age’s beginning? Different subject, are you and David going to be recording together for the 100th Episode? I hope so..you guys play off of each other so well. Here’s one for David out of curiosity. How is he choosing which DC Comics Presents issues to read each episode? Better head off for now. Great synopsis by both of you and looking forward to Episode #98.

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