Episode 95 — Death, Blackrock, and Zatanna

Episode 95After a slight delay, Episode 95 is here. Witness the conclusion to the crisis in Central City and in space. Hear about the return of Blackrock. Get ready for a team-up between Superman and Zatanna. Download it now!

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One thought on “Episode 95 — Death, Blackrock, and Zatanna

  1. (Episode #95) Hello Charlie (and David)! It’s almost here..Episode #100. I’m sure you have it all mapped out and I cannot wait. I wanted to Thank You both for answering my DC Comics Presents question. I totally forgot about the Robin issue. It happened to be the next one in my collection that I needed, so I went to eBAY and won it. (That’s just how I roll) I truly enjoy the second stories entitled “Whatever Happened To..” which I guess they thought justified the 50¢ price tag. So far my favorite of those was Whatever Happened To The Golden Age Atom. I’m sure as I continue collecting the issues, there might be another one I like better. I am enjoying both of your segments. I wish I could follow your’s more Charlie, but by the time I get the comics you’ll probably already have covered it. So I’ll just continue to listen intently. Better close for now. Hope all is well with both of you! Toodles!!

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