Episode 110 — Happy New Year… Rest in Peace!

Episode 110It is New Year’s Eve, and as the employees of WGBS ring in the new year across each of the 4 time zones, Bizarro returns to save Superman’s friends from a predicted death by killing them first. How very Bizarro. Plus, Superman takes his relationship with Lois to the next level.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 110 — Happy New Year… Rest in Peace!

  1. Goodbye Charlie! Episode #110 am lousy. Comic talked about not am weird. But what else you expect from comic starring Bizarro. Great show as always. I may have more to say about your “ads” portion than the synopsis itself this time. Couldn’t find much about these seemingly new powers of Bizarro (Freezing vision, and the like) appearing anywhere else but in Superman #333. I could be wrong, but I found nothing. It was fun to listen to your synopsis…as always. Were you surprised that in the final panel, with that look on Lana’s face, there weren’t tears streaming down her face? I still think we are right about the time-travel dial from DC Comics Presents #1 & #2. When setting your clock, counter-clockwise sets your time behind or in the past. Clock-wise sets your time ahead or in the future. Maybe it’s just a mistake made in their artwork. Our way makes the most sense. Hostess Ad (Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah) I believe this is the “Priscilla Rich” Cheetah, for she was blonde. All the other Cheetah incarnations had brown hair. Why she was wearing regular clothes I have no idea. Of course she was at home. Maybe she doesn’t feel like wearing her costume when she’s at home relaxing. I remember having the two Superman Treasuries back then, and re-bought them not too long ago. I also have the Action Comics one as well as the Superman II one. Here’s what I found on that Wonder Woman book. Like you said, it wasn’t 30s to 70s. It was just called: Wonder Woman. Publisher: Ms Books Year: 1972. Description: 192 pages. Hard cover with dust jacket. Features golden age reprints split into four sections – origins, sisterhood, politics and romance. Contains an introduction by world renowned feminist Gloria Steinem who reminisces on her childhood days reading Wonder Woman comics and what that meant to he. Also includes a 16 page essay on The Amazon Legacy by Phyllis Chesler. Approx Value: US$20-25. I remember wanting that Batman utility belt badly, but never got one. A neighbor kid had the Kryptonite. If I remembering right, you couldn’t order it in different colors. Ms. Anton was “Susan Anton” a popular singer/actress from the 70s. One of my favorite Linda Carter pictures too. Me have more to say, so Hello! Me not listen to Episode #111.

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