Episode 111 — The Man Who Stole Superman’s Eyes!

Episode 111

The title says it all folks. But who is the mysterious villain who has stolen Superman’s eyes. And why is this just a small part of the story this issue? Listen and find out!

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One thought on “Episode 111 — The Man Who Stole Superman’s Eyes!

  1. Hi, Charlie! Well I guess you caught me with my Bizarro goof. I totally forgot about Superman #306 which you covered on Episode #92. I guess that was a lot of episodes ago, but I still should remember such things. I can’t tell you how long I have had Superman #334, but it was an eBAY purchase. Hope you have better luck locating those Superman Movie trivia questions. No luck on my end. As for the art, I’m not seeing the bad that you see. I have mentioned on my own podcast “The DC Comics Presents Show” that I don’t have the eye for comic art that other podcasters seem to have. To me it’s either good or bad. It looked good to me. I will agree with you about the skeleton costumes with the smurf hats and the Opticus outfit. They were goofy looking. On to Episode #112 and Superman #335. I believe my copy is still the one I bought off the stands. It’s not in horrible shape, but I have to be careful with it. Look forward to listening…

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