Episode 102 — The Super Sellout of Metropolis!

Episode 102

Just when you think that things can’t get worse for our Man of Steel after dealing with Titano, the Atomic Skull, and an atmosphere of Kryptonite all at once, things are about to get worse. In this issue, Superman has blackouts, and gets a job!

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One thought on “Episode 102 — The Super Sellout of Metropolis!

  1. Hi, Charlie! Another sterling episode! Thanks to Facebook, I was able to download the episode to my IPhone and listen at work. I forgot for a minute that you were only doing one issue per episode now. That will give me time to try and study Superman #326. I remember liking that issue. #325 sounds like a good issue too. I’ve got to get it. Another chance to see the Supermobile, so I have to get it. I do have Action #481, but not #482. (it was in my original, when I was a kid, collection. Long gone by now!) Continued Thanks for plugging my “future” show. Hopefully I’ll have at least one promo before your podcast ends. Better end here. I like the weekly format. Keep on truckin’!

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