Episode 103 — A Million Dollars a Minute!

Episode 103

Superman’s fugue episodes continue. How can the Man of Steel defeat Blackrock, prevent further fugue episodes, and get out of his UBC contract without tarnishing his name? And who is the surprise villain who shows up on the last page to provide a great cliffhanger of an ending? Listen to find out!

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One thought on “Episode 103 — A Million Dollars a Minute!

  1. Hi Charlie! Another great episode. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to read Superman #326 before listening like I wanted. This podcasting thing is harder than I thought it was going to be. I thought the hard part would be recording, but that seems to be the least of my troubles. If I had known how difficult it was to put a show together, I wouldn’t have let you and David talk me into it. (Just kidding) I think I remember getting this issue originally just because of the cover. Wow, Superman is revealing his true identity on TV. I didn’t think the story dissapointed and I never had the full context of the story. Thanks to your past podcasts, I do now. So Thank You! I love Superman #327, which I also have. I think I love the Mr. & Mrs. Superman story as much as the main story. I did find an answer for you. Mr. Miracle and Big Barda were married by the time of Superman #326. Their nuptials are chronicled in Mr. Miracle #18 from March 1974. Better end here for now. As always, keep up the great work!

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