Episode 20 — April 1972

What the..? Already? Yes, episode 20 is here! What you will hear about: Superman vs. Terra-Man Round 2, the discovery of the Fortress of Solitude, Clark Kent’s #1 Fan and Elsewhere in the DC Multiverse. What you won’t hear about: Superman renouncing his US citizenship, the death of Osama Bin Laden and my favorite episode of Snorks. Why? This is a podcast about Superman in the Bronze Age, not today, Osama Bin Ladin was still alive when I recorded this episode, and I can no longer sit through a full episode of Snorks like I could when I was a kid.

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Next Episode, May 1972:  World’s Finest #211, Superman #251 and Action Comics #412.

2 thoughts on “Episode 20 — April 1972

  1. Is turning off his life signs a superpower? I thought it was just an ability you learned. Like winking with both eyes. Batman is able to put himself in a dead like state too. With his super-intelligence he could have learned it before and used it then.

    Actually isn't a pre-crisis Superman power the power of coincidence? How else would you explain what happened with Alstrom and any one else who seem enter Superman's life. It's an amazing coincidence Alstrom had the power to muck up the Terra Man, at the right place and time to save Superman.

    I'm actually bothered more by Alstrom's belief that he can get fired so easily from a federal job like the mint.

    Maybe Supes didn't notice the rig being built because he took an orbital route.

    Don't People get different levels of security when they come into the Fortress. Such as Lois, she can see the Clark room but can't enter the all secret identity room. Batman can enter all the rooms. Later in the "Fortress of Solitude" special, doesn't he say he has a sensor on it that'll whisk the secret identity statues into another dimension?

    Can't bore into super atomic room, might cause a disaster.

    She can't be crazy and obsessed with Superman for decades? Like people don't get obsessed with regular people for decades?

    She's from a different dimension, they either have a high level of respect of hotel rooms privacy or she didn't give it much thought. Course if they redid the whole Dimension Seven story today, Clark would have slept with her, she goes back, and few issues later we would meet a fully grown Superman Jr.

  2. Tarzan and John Carter Warlord of Mars go together perfectly as they were both written by Edgar Rice Burroughs around the same time. Why would you say these stories don’t go together?

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