Episode 13 — September 1971

Welcome to episode 13 of Superman in the Bronze Age. In this episode, Superman vs Sand-Superman, the Teen Titans don’t really team up with Superman and we learn that greed makes you stupid. Plus an email, a comment, a big thank you and we see what else is happening in the DCU this month.

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Next week, October 1971: Superman #243 and Action Comics #404.  Plus, a special guest co-host!

2 thoughts on “Episode 13 — September 1971

  1. Hey Charlie…interesting podcast, guess I need to understand Superman a little bit more for this to stick but nice work! just wanted to pop in and give my support! Love you big brother…


  2. Hi Charlie, I've only just discovered your Superman in the Bronze Age podcast and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed listening to this episode.

    The cover to Superman issue 242 is my all time favourite cover. I can still remember seeing it on the stand in the newsagents shop where I used to buy comic books as a boy. I'd been following the story of the sand-duplicate Superman and was eager to see how it would conclude. I was not disappointed, and I really enjoyed the exciting conclusion to this tale.

    Thanks very much for helping me to relive some very happy memories. Keep up the good work.

    Anthony Rooney (England)

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