Episode 85 — The Phantom Zone Part 1

Episode 85

The Phantom Zone is home to some of Krypton’s worst villians, and in issue 1 of the Phantom Zone mini-series, we learn all about them, while being reintroduced to a long-forgotten character. Also, J David Weter covers an adventure of Superboy and the Legion for the final time.

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One thought on “Episode 85 — The Phantom Zone Part 1

  1. (Episode 85 — The Phantom Zone Part 1)
    Hello again! Another stellar episode. I forgot that I wanted to read the issue before listening, but I got so anxious to hear the episode, I forgot. (But I read it when I got home from work that evening) I have already read Issue 2 and eagerly await Charlie’s Geekcast to hear what you have to say. I liked issue 1 to learn more about the history of the Phantom Zone. I remembered the story of Quex-UL from reading my Tales Of The Phantom Zone trade. Did the “Charlie Kweeskill” just come from this series? I couldn’t find any other reference to it. I never got to read this mini-series when it came out because I never saw it where I bought comics. I am so glad that I have the trade paperback of it. Guess I’d better wrap up for now. I hope past-Charlie enjoyed his vacation. Bye for now!

    P.S. I wanted to fill in the blanks from my last email. I found out from my Mother how I am related to Ted Cassidy and Jimmy Stewart. Ted Cassidy’s Mother and my Grandmother were cousins. My Mom used to see Ted’s Mom sometimes when she went to Philippi, WV (where Ted was raised) to visit my Great Grandmother. I remember the story Mom has told about the first episode of the Addam’s Family. There was a big party of relatives gathered around the TV set to watch Ted as Lurch. A good time was had by all. As for Jimmy Stewart, my Great Grandfather and his Grandfather were cousins. So you see, in both cases, I am only related by rumor. It would have been nice to shake their hand. Bye!

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