Episode 84 — Countdown of the Killer Computer

Episode 84

Computers all over the world are going haywire, which was even a big deal back in 1980! Who could possibly be behind it all? Well, don’t look at the cover to Action Comics 514, because it kinda spoils it. Plus, Superboy and the Legion try desperately to find a way to save Princess Projectra from the Pain Plague!

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One thought on “Episode 84 — Countdown of the Killer Computer

  1. Episode #84…

    Hi! I was very flattered and touched when you called me your “Co-Host”. If I was a better talker and had Skype, I might consider doing an episode with you as a guest….MAYBE!! Episode #84 was a very interesting episode for a comic book issue I do not own. It was nice to find out how Brainiac managed to return from the shrink-down Superman gave him in Superman #338 as talked about in Episode #83. I have always enjoyed Brainiac as a Superman villain. It was always cool when he showed up on the Superfriends. It was also cool that at one time, I think during the Challenge Of The Super Friends run, he was voiced by a distant..distant cousin Ted Cassidy. (I am also distantly related to Jimmy Stewart, but I never got to meet either one of them) I can’t remember how Superman’s reprogramming of Brainiac came back to bite him, but you got my curiosity up enough to see if I have the issues to find out. (was this when they changed his look and went more robotic? If so, I think I have those issues)

    Anyway, onto the ads. I actually sent away for the O. J. Simpson Dingo picture. Don’t have it anymore. I thought your wife did an outstanding job voicing Wonder Woman. She really sounded the part. (You did good too…got to praise you since I forgot last time.)

    The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) has changed several logo designs since its inception in 1943. The earliest ABC logo was introduced in late 1943 and consisted of an icon of a microphone, with the letters “T” and “V” on its left and right sides respectively. The letters “ABC” were vertically aligned within the image of the microphone. In 1961, the “circle logo” was designed by the legendary graphic designer, Paul Rand. The logo consisted of a simple black circle with the lowercase letters “abc”. This version was the cornerstone of the network’s clear and cohesive advertising and communications. The use of negative space, and simplicity, combined in a circle, provided a clear and consistent message to the audience. In 2007, the network introduced a 3D version of the logo, while revamping it with a more modernistic, glossier and advanced look. It has barely changed in over 50 years.

    J. David Weter has me intreged with planned changes to his segment. I love the Superman: The Secret Years storyline and can’t wait to hear David’s take on it. Since David is such a Superboy fan, could you ask him for me if he thinks that the Filmation Superboy cartoons will ever make it to DVD?

    Next question of the week…how about favorite Superman story with Supergirl?

    Guess that’s all for now. How all is well and I eagerly await your Diamonds and Sapphires episode. (or episode #85)

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