Episode 73 — Superman Takes a Wife!

Episode 73

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Lois Lane to Kal-El in Episode 73. That’s right folks!  Not a hoax! Not a dream! Not an imaginary story!  And for this monumental occasion, I am joined by Billy Hogan of The Superman Fan Podcast to examine a tale 40 years in the making. And as if that weren’t enough, J David Weter presents a tale of Superboy and Lana visiting the 30th Century for her birthday, and then wackiness ensues!  Enjoy!

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One thought on “Episode 73 — Superman Takes a Wife!

  1. Great episode as always. I was bound and determined to email you after listening to Episode #73, so I took notes as I listened at work. Action Comics #484 was always one of my favorite comic books. I probably didn’t get it when it came out, but I have one now. (Actually it’s my second copy replacing a worn-out copy) I’ve always loved the multiple earths and missed the concept when it went away in 1986. (I guess the multi-earths are back now, but it’s not the same) I am so glad that their marriage in this issue wasn’t the end of the story. I really enjoyed the Mr. & Mrs. Superman stories in the Superman and Superman Family comics. They were fun reads.
    If you wanted to know… (answers to some questions that came up during this episode)
    * Tusky was the name of the walrus on the Aquaman cartoon. (by the way, Aquaman’s sea stallion was called Storm with Aqualad’s being called Imp)
    * Iris is being held by a villain called Ringmaster (Beauregard Baer) on the cover of Flash #262. He was an ally of the Golden Glider.
    * The hero called T.N.T. was the “green” man menacing our heroes on the cover of Super Friends #12. His real name was Thomas N. Thomas and had a sidekick named Dan The Dyna-Mite (Daniel Dunbar). T.N.T. later joined the All-Star Squadron.
    * In November of 1975, ABC debuted the New Original Wonder Woman television series. For one reason or another, the series initially took place during the World War Two era. At the end of 1976, in what was perhaps in a an attempt to mimic the success of the television program, an editorial decision was made at DC to focus on the Earth-Two Wonder Woman during the World War Two era. This stretch of issues started with Wonder Woman #228 (February, 1977) and ended with Wonder Woman #243 (May, 1978). This is a rather fun year and a half in the Amazon’s life as she encounters the likes of the Red Panzer, the Angle Man, Captain Strang and the Cheetah. She even meets her Earth-One counterpart in a nutty crossover that signals the return to the present day. This 180 degree shift was likely due to the fact that the TV series shifted to the present day when CBS took it over from ABC for the 2nd season.

    I guess that’s all for now. I hope I’m not the only email you get. Looking forward to Episode #74…

    Russell Bragg (Clarksburg, WV)

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