Episode 63 — Random Acts of Randomness

Randomness can be a good thing, so today must be a good day!  First up, in a random issue of Superman, the Man of Steel adopts a new secret identity and we also get the first official Bronze Age appearance of a certain imp from the 5th Dimension. And in a random Superboy issue, Superboy meets a super-monkey that isn’t Beppo. Plus, Ads and Elsewhere in the DC Multiverse round out the episode.

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One thought on “Episode 63 — Random Acts of Randomness

  1. Hi! You sounded a little sad about not getting any comments or emails last episode, so I thought I’d write to you. I cannot comment much on the issues talked about since I don’t have those particular comics. But the episode was great. I don’t really mind “Super Ventriloquism”. I would think it would come in handy at times. (like in the Superman issue; to get away from Lois so he could change to Superman) I’m not saying it’s one of his best powers, but I don’t think of it as lame. I was wondering, unless you were keeping it a secret, if you could talk a little bit about your new podcast “Charlie’s Geekcast”? It sounds very interesting. Well, I guess that’s all this time. Hope you are doing Christmas-themed stories this time out. (I love those!) Keep up the great work! And have a very Merry Christmas and a rambunctious New Year!

    Russell Bragg (Clarksburg, WV)

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