Episode 61 — Team-Up Month Part 1

What better way to celebrate team-up month that by looking at the first team-up in Superman’s long running team-up title, DC Comics Presents?  This month, Superman teams up with the Flash in what turns out to be yet another race.  In this episode, the heroes save a town before beginning a race through time, for very different reasons. Plus, in Superboy in the Bronze Age, Krypto finds himself in Double Trouble when he tries to be a movie star.

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One thought on “Episode 61 — Team-Up Month Part 1

  1. Hi! Great show as always. I have had DC Comics Presents #1 for a long time. And it wasn’t until years later that I got issue #2. So it took me a long time to know how the story ends. (can’t wait to hear your take on it) Still enjoying J. David’s Superboy segments. It’s cool that most of the stories he talks about, I have the comics to. (That’s goes for your segments too) As for “Welcome Back Kotter”, I do remember that it was very popular when it first came on. I didn’t really get into the show until Nick At Nite aired it years later. I just didn’t understand it when I was younger. I personally don’t know whether it was the show itself or all the catch phrases. You heard them everywhere. (“Up your nose with a rubber hose!”, “I’m so con-fused!” (Usually over-dramatized) or the famous Horshack laugh) But DC having a comic book about it doesn’t surprise me! Guess that’s all for now. Keep up the great work!

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