Episode 113 — The Turnabout Trap

Episode 113

Almost 1 year after his run on Superman came to an end, Marty Pasko returned for 1 more story. In Superman 349, Superman finds himself stuck on an alternate Earth where all of the male and female roles have been reversed. But who set up this trap, and why?

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One thought on “Episode 113 — The Turnabout Trap

  1. Hi Charlie! (and guest…I think you said there would be a guest ) Another stellar episode! Superman #349 was another comic I had off of the stands until I recently replaced it. It has always been among my favorite comic books. The cover really catches your eye and you want to know what happens inside. I believe that was the reason I originally got it. Who are these heroes in the familiar yet different costumes and why are they against Superman? Your synopsis was right on as always. I agree with your thoughts on Black Condor. At least they didn’t have him wearing the fishnets, huh? Would the female Green Arrow have the beard? And how did Mister Mxyzptlk know the color of Batman’s hair to give to Batwoman? That sort of was a boring Hostess ad, but you did a great job. It’s going right into my Hostess Ads folder for future DC Comics Presents Shows. Thanks for your permission to use them and I also got Scott & Mike’s permission as well. I couldn’t find anything about Martin Pasko leaving and then coming back either. Oh well. Better end for now. Can’t wait to hear this Retro tale you’re going to discuss today. I know nothing about it, so I’m eager to learn. Until next time…

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