Episode 107 — The Master Mesmerizer of Metropolis

Episode 107

In Superman #330, the secret of Clark Kent’s disguise is revealed, and then quickly ignored.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 107 — The Master Mesmerizer of Metropolis

  1. Hello Charlie! I didn’t get a chance to compare the two episodes where you talked about Superman #330. Could I have imagined that you covered it before? I couldn’t find the other episode anywhere. Maybe you covered it with someone on another show. I looked at my copy of the issue, which is not a Whitman. The ads looked the same as you described. Just the one page devoted to anything Superhero; the Remote-Controlled Supermobiles and the DC Superheroes Poster Book. That is kind of weird. But what do I know about advertising in comics? Wow! I always thought this was the first and only appearance of Spellbinder. He was originally a Batman villain when he first appeared in Detective Comics #358. Then later on this Spellbinder was killed by his girlfriend who then became Lady Spellbinder. Thanks for letting me know how many shows you have left. I’ll get the tissues ready. And Thanks for the subtle hint of what you and Dave will be talking about on that episode. I figured it would be that one. Perfect choice for a “bronze age” show to conclude on. That’s all for now!

  2. Back when I was in junior high I was on a back issue kick. I would spend hours at the comics store looking through all the issues and probably making a big mess. But I’d leave the store happy and my wallet much lighter. I would look for comics everywhere, tagsales ,garages, my friends houses, under beds etc. But one of the places I found some of the best comics was at flea markets. It was one of those flea markets that I proudly found Superman # 330. I remember looking at the cover and saying what the heck are they thinking. Initially reading the comic I thought ” hey that’s a cool idea “, but in retrospect I stand by my initial reaction. I’m mean super hypnotism, maybe if Superman was doing it on purpose, but how could this superpowerd, galaxy hopping, time traveling,world juggling Mann of steel not know since the time he was superboy that he was using super hypnosis to hide his identity. I mean it may of sounded like an interesting idea especially coming from a letter writer, built it just misses the mark. Ok it totally misses the mark. But hey it’s the bronze age, not quite as silly as the silver age, and more experimenting . But whatever you thought of those bronze age issues, they were always fun and I look on it with a smile and a twinkle in my eye.

  3. PS. I enjoyed your guest-appearance on the 20th episode of the Superman-Batman Podcast hosted by Michael Bradley. It was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed your channelling of Edith Bunker during that ad reenactment with Michael. You truly have a gift! In closing, all I have to say is,
    “Ku-Kahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” (or however you spell it)

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