Episode 105 — Attack of the Kryptonoid!

Episode 105

It’s part 1 of a 2 part sequel of sorts to the Parasite story from a few episodes ago. In this issue we learn about the one armed general with a mad on for the Man of Steel, Superman takes on the Kryptonian version of Venom, and Clark Kent meets his real Father?

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One thought on “Episode 105 — Attack of the Kryptonoid!

  1. Hi, Charlie! Hope all is well! Boy…I had a little trouble wrapping my head around Superman #328. I was understanding your synopsis, but it sounds more visual than most of the comics we go through. I’ll probably do better when I get the comic and listen again. Which I still plan to do eventually. I put all of the “Superman In The Bronze Age” episodes on my I-Pod since I wasn’t sure how long they would stay on I-Tunes when the show is completed. Speaking of I-Tunes, I finally got everything working in terms of my new show, “The DC Comics Presents Show”. People can find it on I-Tunes and Stitcher. By the time this episode comes out, my first “official” show should be out. I am nervous about how it will do. Personally, I know I don’t compare to a Charlie Niemeyer or Michael Bailey, but hopefully I will get better as I crank out shows. Only time will tell. Two things before I go. I was curious and found out that the Mr. & Mrs. Superman section of Superman comics only lasted one more issue before moving to Superman Family. Superman #329…the issue we talk about today. You talked a little about Air Wave last time. The original (Golden Age) Air Wave was Larry Jordan, who was Hal “Green Lantern” Jordan’s Uncle. Which makes Hal the cousin to the new Air Wave who appears in Action Comics. Better go for now.

    PS. I always enjoy your “Hostess” ad interpretations. If I get confident enough, I hope to act out the “Hostess” strips as well when they come up.

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