Episode 10 — June 1971

Welcome to Episode 10 of Superman in the Bronze Age.  I celebrate finally getting to double digits by reviewing the Superman books with a June 1971 cover date: Superman #238, World’s Finest #203 (guest-starring Aquaman) and Action Comics #401.

I would also like to thank Steve Younis for agreeing to post new episodes of this show on the Superman Homepage.  That’s right, Superman in the Bronze Age now has the support of the premiere Superman website on the net!

If you would be interested in guest co-hosting an episode of Superman in the Bronze Age, please send me an email at umbc81@gmail.com, and we’ll discuss an episode for you to guest on.

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Next week, July 1971: Superman #240 and Action Comics #402.

One thought on “Episode 10 — June 1971

  1. Congrats on getting picked up on the Superman Homepage! That's pretty awesome, as I'm sure it'll bring a new listener or two to the show. As a fellow fan spreading the gospel of Superman across the Internet, it's nice to know that your efforts are appreciated.

    The bronze age Supes is my personal favorite, so I've been listening since the first episode and am enjoying following along with your analysis.

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