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4 thoughts on “Contact the show

  1. PS. It slipped my mind, but my wife took me to see “Phantom Menace” on one of our first dates. So I may be the only person to see a Star War Prequel before seeing an original Star Wars movie.

    Keep up the great work…

    Russell Bragg (Clarksburg, WV)

  2. (In case my email doesn’t get through…)
    Hello! Superb show as always. First off I wanted to Thank You for Thanking me for my last email. I wouldn’t say I did alot of research. With the internet and Google, all you need are the right words and you can find almost anything. But I, like anyone, like to be appreciated so I Thank You. Superman in the 70s to me was more cartoons than comic books mostly because I didn’t have any money to spend back then. I have always loved the Tabloid-Size edition comics. I don’t know why. I guess it’s because it’s different from a standard comic and they really..really stand out. I never saw them when they came out, but I saw them in the ads when I could get a comic and I have alot of them in my comic collection now; many of the ones you mentioned in your synopsis. Superman in the 70s to me also means Superman: The Movie. I remember when it came out and all the buzz and excitement. I remember my friend inviting me to go see it with him and can’t for the life of me remember why I couldn’t. It would have been awesome to see it on the big screen. Oh least I have the Blu-Ray Superman set.

    I guess that’s all for now. Wanted to let you know what a great episode it was and can’t wait to hear about Superman In The 80s. (I’ll probably have more to say about that) Take Care!

    Russell Bragg (Clarksburg, WV)

    I wanted to “challenge” everyone that listens to this particular episode to send Charlie an email ( or comment on the homepage ( I’m sure you could even “poke” him on Facebook and he would appreciate it. Let Charlie know we listeners love his podcast and the work he puts into each and every show. PLEASE…I don’t want to feel like he’s doing a podcast just for me.

    PSS. I hope you received my I-Tunes review and rating. You haven’t mentioned it so I wasn’t sure if it got through.

  3. Another spectacular show. “How do I find time to comment on your podcast as often as I have been?” Well, I listen to all of my podcasts at work. I get yours’ ITunes-downloaded as soon as I am notified that a new one is ready. I pretty much try to comment on the episode one or two days after listening. I don’t take notes on everything, just notes on something I might want to ask you about or answer something you might have had a question about. But I want to do it as soon as I possibly can. Now on to my notes from Episode #75…

    You mentioned the Phantom Zone mini-series. Did you know about it coming out in trade sometime in June? (I already have mine pre-ordered.) It was nice to see that West Virginia was well represented in your podcast with one of your other emailers. (You didn’t happen to catch a city did you?…Just curious) I own the Superman: The Secret Years series. I think I would have enjoyed it as a 12 parter. I think I always get that series confused with Superman: The In-Between Years, the back-up from Superman Comics. It was very similar. I remember the Super Powers figures well. Currently I have a Superman, a Lex Luthor and the Supermobile. I think I mentioned in my last email how much I loved the tabloid edition comics. In my collection I have 5 of the All-New Collector’s Edition, 3 Superman related (#54 Superman vs Wonder Woman, #56 Superman vs Muhammad Ali, and #62 Superman The Movie), 3 DC Special Series, 2 Superman related (#25 Superman II and #26 Superman and his Incredible Fortress Of Solitude) and 9 Limited Collector’s Edition, 2 Superman related (#47 Superman Salutes The Bicentennial and #48 Superman vs The Flash) [isn’t eBAY wonderful??) Whew!! Now on to the episode…

    I don’t really know what Superman in the 80s means to me. I remember Superman II, the only one I got to see in the theater. I can still remember thinking to myself while I was watching, how did the green crystal give Superman his powers back? It was very confusing to me, not knowing about any of the behind the scenes troubles. Of course now with the Donner version available I know that it wasn’t the crystal but Jor-EL. But it was awesome seeing Superman on the big screen. I subscribed to Superman comics in 1983 in time to get Superman #400 at a lower than news stand price. And of course I have the Superman In The Eighties trade (I have all of those trades 40s 50s 60s 70s and 80s) I had no idea that this version of Superman was slowly coming to an end. I don’t think I really found out for years. High School, girlfriend, jobs, and life took me away from comic books probably up until sometime after 2000. I knew about Superman’s Death and marriage to Lois, but I didn’t realize it was a different Superman. Kind of sad, huh?

    Well I better close for now. Your future episodes sound exciting. Do you know if you are going to talk about both Superman II versions? I really enjoyed this two-parter. There was alot of info and you did a great job in conveying it to us. On to Episode #100, but I’ll settle for Episode #77.

    PS. You’re right…It supposed to be PPS, not PSS. Sorry!!

  4. Episode 91 — Superman’s Last Christmas

    Hello, Darlin’! (oops I mean Charlie) I enjoyed this episode until the end. After your announcement that your show will end, I pretty much just stared straight ahead for a while. Not that I’m not happy for you and your wife, I’m sad for myself. I can admit to you that Superman In The Bronze Age is my favorite podcast. The title brought me to you and your show because this is my Superman. I know I’ll probably never get to meet you, but I consider you a friend or at least a chum. There’s just something about you or how you come across on your podcast. It’s refreshing. I know I’ll hear you on future podcasts that you don’t produce, but it will be different. Just know that this show will be missed. Good Luck!

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