Podcast of Justice

In 2011, I got the idea to do a podcast covering the adventures of the Justice League of America. I was joined by Isaac Frisbie from the World’s Best Podcast, and show was supposed to cover everything from their introduction in Brave and the Bold back in 1959 all the way up to the present day. Unfortunately, real life soon prevented both of us from being able to continue the show after only 4 episodes. As of now, there are no plans to bring back the show, but some people have expressed interest in hearing the episode we actually were able to produce, so below, you will find links to the 4 episodes. I hope you enjoy them.


Episode 1: Brave and the Bold 28

Episode 2: Brave and the Bold 29 & 30

Episode 3: Justice League of America 1 & 2

Episode 4: Justice League of America 3 & 4



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