Episode 52 — Movie Team-Up Month Part 1

July is Movie Team-Up Month at Superman in the Bronze Age, where we feature Superman team-ups with the stars of both of the superhero movies coming out this month.  First up, is the Superman’s first meeting with the Amazing Spider-Man!  And to help me cover this monumental event in comics history are Josh Bertone of Bertone Beatle Bonanza and Donovan Morgan Grant of The Next Dimension: A Dragonball Z Podcast and The Batman Universe Podcast.  Both gentlemen are also on 2 podcasts together in which they get to show off their vast knowledge of the spectacular wall-crawler: Spider-Man Crawlspace and Clone Saga Chronicles.

And, in Superboy in the Bronze Age, David covers Superboy #177. Find out why Superboy put the Kents in prison.

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